Sometimes, apparently, only a very boring word can be found to describe something really great. Lexicon: "Functional textiles are garments and home textiles made of fibers, yarns, fabrics, woven fabrics providing extra functional value". The basis of our work is such a functional textile - wool! The added value for you? Wool can store up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without appearing wet and is water repellent to a certain extent. Dirt and odors also have a poor chance. The fiber structure of wool makes it difficult for perspiration and bacteria to take hold. In addition, wool is naturally and permanently antibacterial: the protein keratin in the wool fiber diligently breaks down bacteria. All by itself! 


When Anja and Francesco see a TV documentary about the Faroe Islands on a cold January day in 2013, it hits them both right in the heart. After a spontaneous short vacation on the rugged, remote archipelago in the North Atlantic, they realized their big chance for change in a small house with a sea view, located on the island of Eysturoy; in Elduvík. The village they make their second home. Elduvík is first mentioned in writing in the "Dog Letter", a medieval document that regulates how many dogs could be kept in villages. This makes Elduvík over 620 years old in any case. There are many stories about Elduvík; they speak of elves, a hidden treasure and sunken ships.


On the slope. An old stone wall invites you to sit. A wind blows. A bird sings. Summer in the Faroe Islands. The path that has led the men over ridges, scree and ancient trails to this place has been arduous and steep. Only those who know their way around can walk it. Too close the cliffs where the sheep grazed, 300 meters further down the deceptively glittering sea. Too dangerous to walk in this terrain and drive the animals over sticks, stones and grass. Sheep shearing in the Faroe Islands is a community activity. Neighbors, friends, relatives and associates form teams and drive the sheep in formation down into the valleys and villages. This takes hours. And then the annual shearing begins. It must be done